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El listado de blogs lo vamos a mantener actualizado en el foro de adoptivanet en el siguiente post del foro o en este apartado de la web.

Chasing a Child: After doing the infertility rounds, the author and her husband adopted domestically. Read her infectious, amusing posts about parenting a very active little boy (dubbed “Squeaker” on her blog) and reestablishing birth mother contact after nearly two years. She had her second child, via frozen embryo transfer, two years later, at age 45.

Mama C and the Boys: Mama C became a single mother through domestic, open adoption and donor insemination. For a period she “co-parented” her two sons with her oldest brother, who lived upstairs. Now she’s preparing to get married and getting used to the idea of being a family of four.

My Three Sons: Samantha Hines is the wise parent we all strive to be. She writes with humor and grace about parenting three inquisitive, active, big-hearted boys through domestic, infant adoption.

Lavender Luz: When Lori, a mother of two, started blogging, her family had a very open relationship with her daughter’s first mother. Now, all four birth parents are a regular part of their lives. Must-reads include her compelling accounts of post-adoption depression and the reunion with her daughter’s first father.

Letters to a Birthmother: M. began her blog in 2007 as a way of “sending” notes to the birth mother they weren’t in close contact with. Since then, their adoption has become fully open, and her blog chronicles the everyday ups and downs of parenting her son, “Woob,” in an open adoption.

An Infertile Blonde: Becky Fawcett went through five IVF cycles, had two miscarriages, and spent thousands of dollars trying to conceive before adopting domestically. Her posts range from heartfelt confessionals about infertility and waiting to self-deprecating observations about aging to giddy celebrations of life with her two children. Fawcett and her husband founded the grant-making organization helpusadopt.org.

Life from Here: Musings from the Edge: Launched as an online journal to cope with infertility and the loss of a baby halfway to term, the blog has turned into the documentation of one family’s efforts to build their family through open domestic adoption and the joys of parenting through adoption and a surprise pregnancy at age 42.

Production Not Reproduction: Heather Schade is a parent to three young children through open, domestic adoption and is the founder and caretaker of Open Adoption Bloggers, a network of writers from all sides of adoption.

Our Family Grows with Love: As both an adoptee and an adoptive mother, Sharon knows both sides of adoption. When it came time to start her own family, Sharon and her husband Mike knew they wanted to adopt. Now a family of three, Sharon firmly believes that adoption is the greatest gift in the world.
http://www.adoptivefamiliescircle.com/b ... _adoption/

From IF to When: In her now completed blog, Katie blogged every step of her journey throughout infertility and adoption. Her new blog, No Ways to Say It, chronicles her journey through parenting and life.

Man Up!: This papa shares what two international adoptions (India and China) have taught him about fatherhood, parenting, and himself.
http://www.adoptivefamiliescircle.com/b ... tion_blog/

Melting Pot Family: Ellenore’s melting pot family is made up of a Greek husband, two biological sons, and a daughter, Leyla, adopted from Ethiopia. Her blog on Adoptive Families Circle gives a candid view into the many emotions of adoption: pain, loss, and most important, joy.
http://www.adoptivefamiliescircle.com/b ... parenting/

Be Bold Or Go Home: Life may be challenging, but it’s never dull for Sharon and her three children, adopted from India and Ethiopia.
http://www.adoptivefamiliescircle.com/b ... r_go_home/

Our Little Tongginator: A Southern mama shares funny, honest stories about raising two smart, feisty (albeit, very different) girls adopted from China.

When Rain Hurts: This powerful blog turned book follows one mother’s quest to find a magical path of healing and forgiveness for her adoptive son, a boy damaged by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the rigors of a Russian orphanage.

They’re All My Own (Ethiopia): When Alison and Kurt’s daughters were in their late teens, the couple adopted two boys from Ethiopia. Alison’s unique perspective—she’s a mother by birth and by international adoption and an adult adoptee—comes through in many posts.

Rage Against the Minivan (U.S. Foster & Haiti): From the title to the photos to the posts, Kristen’s blog is entertaining and thought-provoking. Her unique voice comes through in posts about letting her boys dress up as girls, taking a trip to visit her son’s orphanage “brother,” and, yes, ranting about (and ultimately giving in to) the iconic minivan.

Diary of a Not-So-Angry Asian Adoptee: Christina is a Korean adoptee who was adopted at the age of two. Her husband is of Mexican descent and she is the mother of two children. As an adoption advocate, her blog is about giving a voice to adoptees. She writes about things that make her hurt, things that make her smile, and everything in between.

The Declassified Adoptee: Amanda, adopted in the U.S. when closed adoptions were the norm, is a passionate advocate for adoptee rights. She reads and researches extensively, and her articulate posts are peppered with footnotes, statistics, and relevant quotes. In 2011, Amanda founded Lost Daughters, a blog network to share the perspectives and narratives of adopted women.

The Adopted Life: Angela Tucker is a trans-racial adoptee adopted from foster care. She is a writer and speaker for adoption, as well as the subject of the documentary Closure, which chronicles her search for her birth mother and meetings with many birth family members. Her blog tells the story of identity and the complexities of trans-racial adoption.

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